Bill Cates Virtual Sales Meeting Lesson 1
Bill Cates Virtual Sales Meeting Lesson 1

Lesson 1 Discussion Questions

  1. Are you receiving unsolicited referrals? From prospects? New clients? Long-time clients? Are you getting the type and quantity you want?
  2. Do you talk about expectations with prospects or new clients? Through talking about expectations, are you showing them that you care about the future of your relationship?
  3. What does your initial process look like? Are you not just converting the prospect into a client, but are you doing it in such a way that your process is becoming referable? So that your prospects and clients want others to experience your process.
  4. What does our client-service model look like? How are you staying in touch? What are you doing to bring ongoing value to your clients? And what are you doing to build business friendships with your client.

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